Living Water Christian School | Jacksonville, NC | K-12

Early Education Program

Our Philosophy:
At LWCS, children are introduced to the concepts and skills needed for a lifetime of learning. Our academic program is designed to actively engage a child at each stage of development. And we believe children learn best when all cognitive, physical, emotional and social development is nurtured through a Biblical lens. That’s why our teachers not only instill a love of learning, but model the love of Jesus every day. It’s the perfect first school experience.

Our Curriculum:
Language development, literacy, mathematics, science and community are all part of our early education curriculum. A child’s learning experiences are more than academics. Music and movement, creative arts, and exploration are all part of a balanced preschool education. Plus, our teachers turn children’s spontaneous play into special learning moments. And most importantly, our entire curriculum is taught from a Christian Worldview.

Our Classrooms:

4 Year Old Early Education: Our students are learning skills and tools needed to be successful in kindergarten. estimating, graphing, comparing, ordering and measuring expand their use of mathematical thinking. Children learn upper and lower case letters as well as the specific sound each letter make. Advanced motor skills like skipping, hopping, balancing, bouncing a ball and catching are reinforced through outdoor play. Children begin to follow multiple step directions, as well as become more independent in their work.