Living Water Christian School | Jacksonville, NC | K-12

Middle School


We encourage students to take risks, to try new things, develop unique interests and strengthen their beliefs.

The staff at LWCS Middle School is a qualified group of professionals who take seriously the craft of Christian teaching. The love they have for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, shines through in the dedication they give to working with Middle School students and all the challenges it involves.

LWCS recognizes that Middle School Students are in the process of transitioning from being an elementary student to an early adolescent who will soon enter high school. The challenging task of the middle school teacher is to understand and address the unique characteristics of this age and develop strategies that serve their needs. Our intent is to help the students move toward greater independence and to take responsibility for themselves as well as take ownership of their actions and education.

In our academically challenging yet nurturing environment, 6th through 8th graders emerge as students who learn through a comprehensive approach to all subjects. The solid academic foundation at LWMS is grounded in the core subjects of Bible, English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education. Emphasis is placed on developing effective study skills and discipline for more advanced academic work.