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LWCS Uniforms and Dresscode

Thank you for visiting our LWCS Uniform Guidelines and Ordering Page. Before ordering uniforms on-line, please take the time to read the “Dress Code/Uniform Guidelines for Living Water Christian School” written below for your convenience. After you have thoroughly read these guidelines, please feel free to order your uniforms.

I have thoroughly read and understand the uniform guidelines and am ready to order.

Dress Code/Uniform Guidelines for Living Water Christian School

Living Water Christian School adheres to a specific dress code in order to foster an academic atmosphere free from concern and stress of competitive dress. We believe the dress code will help to increase the self-respect of students collectively and individually. A consistent dress code provides more time for parents, school staff, and students to focus on more essential activities. A student's appearance should give the impression that formal learning is taking place. All children will wear the designated school uniform unless otherwise specified by the administration for special events and/or activities. Any student not in the proper uniform will wait in the office until the parents are called and the proper uniform brought to the school.

Please remember that student dress code rules apply to all school functions. Adjustments to this policy may be made by the School Administration.

Living Water has two authorized companies for the purchase of school uniforms.

1. Queensboro Shirt Company in Wilmington, NC:

  • All items purchased must have one of the following school logo’s on them.
  • ABC logo
  • Warriors logo

2. Prep Sportswear:

Any items purchased at Prep Sportswear must have logos with “LW” or “Living Water" logo or design only. It cannot have just a “W” or just say “Warriors”. Uniforms must be identified by LW or Living Water

  • No Indian logos from Prep Sportswear can be on any uniform item.

3. T-Shirts: L.W.C.S. T-Shirts purchased at the school may be worn as follows:

         K3-2: Monday-Friday

         3-12: Friday only

4. Uniform Shirts (K3-12):

        Only traditional Carolina blue Polo or Oxford shirts (long or short sleeves) may be worn without one of the school logos on it.  If in doubt, ask the principal.

        Any color Polo or Oxford shirt purchased from Queensboro or Prep Sportwear can be worn         provided it has one of the established school logos on it or if the school logo is applied by our approved in-town business. (see # 1 and 2).

        Grades 6-12 may not wear extremely light color or see-through shirts.

        All shirts must have buttons and be tucked in properly.

5. Turtlenecks or Undershirts (K3-12):

        Colors: white only

        Can be worn on cool days under jumpers, uniform shirts and L.W.C.S. T-Shirts only. They
        cannot be worn alone.

6. Outer garments for inside the classrooms (K3-12):

        Solid Navy blue uniform sweaters (pullover, vest, cardigan, v-neck)

*Queensboro or Prep Sportswear with school logo sweaters

*Queensboro or Prep Sportswear with logo...must be worn open at all times and only during colder days of school (to be determined by the principal)

          Pullover Hoodies may not be worn inside the classroom. Pullover Hoodies do not allow teachers to observe that a uniform shirt and belt is worn.

7. Outer wear for Outside the classrooms:

        Cannot bear sports’ logo, bold advertisements, written statements, cartoon characters, etc.
        which brings discredit upon L.W.C.S. as a Christian school.

        If in doubt, call the office. Final decisions made by the principal.


8. Pants:

        K3-5: Navy Blue only

        6-12: Navy Blue or khaki (Not white or faded to look white)

        9-12: May wear nice blue jeans on Fridays. Jeans may be black or blue, Cannot have holes, stressed areas, faded ares, ragged on the bottom, have logos/writings/designs or be too tight, too baggy, or worn too low to the waist. They must be worn with a belt.

        P.E. pants will be determined by the P.E. Teacher

        Uniform pants cannot be too tight, or too baggy or worn too low off the hips. They
         may not be torn/patched. They must be worn with a belt.

        All pants must be fit appropriately

9. Shorts:

        K3-5: Navy blue only

        6-12: Navy blue or khaki

        Knee length (no more than 2 inches above the knee)

        Shorts may not be worn baggy or too low off the hips. They may not be torn or patched

        All shorts must be worn appropriately.

        P.E. shorts will be established by the P.E. teacher.

10. Jumpers/Skirts (K3-12):

        K3-5th: Navy blue or blue & red plaid from French Toast

        6-12th:Navy blue or khaki

        Cannot be shorter than knee-length

11. Belts:

        Colors: SOLID black, brown, Navy blue

        Can not have spikes, brads, designs,writings

        K3-2: Not required to wear belts

        3-12: Must have a belt on at all times.

12. Socks (K3-12):

        Colors: Plain white, Navy blue, and black only

        Must be visible

13. Tights: Colors: white, Tan/Natural, or Navy blue only

14. Shoes (K3-12):

        No lights, sound or rollers

        Full shoes required (no sandals, flip-flops or open toe or open heel shoes)

        Heels cannot be more than one ½ inch high

        No boots

        Shoes must be worn properly (tied, zipped, velcròd etc.) at all times

15. Ties: Colors: Solid Navy blue only

NOTE: *No sleeveless or V-neck shirts are to be worn
            *No back packs/book bag with wheels.  They chip the ceramic floors.

16. Hair:

BOYS: Hair should be neat, clean, and reasonably styled. Boys’ hair must not be longer than the collar and out of the eyes. Extreme styles(spiking, mowhawks, shaved head, long, etc.) are not permitted (Administration determines).

  • Boys are not authorized to have a ponytail/ pigtails/ dread locks, braids, etc.
  • Colored/streaked hair is permitted, however it cannot be extreme (natural colors only). Check with principal first or the student may not be permitted to return to school until corrected).
  • Must be clean-shaven.


  • Items worn in the hair may not be distracting from the uniform, hanging in their faces or extreme in number. (Administration determines)
  • Colored or streaked hair is permitted, however it cannot be extreme(Natural colors only) Check with Principal first or student may not be permitted to return to school until corrected.
  • Hair should be neat, clean and reasonably styled. Extreme styles (spiking, mowhawks, shaved head, etc.) are not permitted.

(Administration determines).

17. Jewelry, make up, tattoos:


  • Earrings are not permitted at school or at school functions.
  • A cross on a chain may be worn inside the shirt.
  • Watches are permitted
  • Allowed 1 ring on each hand.
  • No fingernail polish or visible body piercing is allowed at school or school activities (on or off campus).
  • Tattoos or rub on tattoos are not permitted.


  • Jewelry must be tasteful and complimentary to the uniform.
  • Earrings may not exceed 1 inch in diameter.
  • K3-8 may only have one (1) earring in each lower lobe and one (1) ring on each hand.
  • Grades 9-12 may have 2 earrings per ear and two rings on each hand.
  • No visible body piercing is allowed at school or school functions (on or off campus).
  • K3-5 is not allowed to wear makeup.
  • 6-12 may wear modest makeup. It cannot be applied in the classroom.
  • K3-8 may wear only clear polish only.
  • 9-12 may wear only one colored nail polish at a time. No black or near black polish is allowed.
  • Tattoos or rub on tattoos are not permitted.

18. All clothing is to be worn properly when students arrive to school. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times, long sleeve shirts will be rolled down and buttoned at all times, collar buttons buttoned, etc.

19. All clothing will be in good repair, clean, pressed and sized to fit each student properly.

PARENTS: Please respect the school's dress codes when on campus or attending school functions. Clothing must be modest and appropriate in theme according to school standard. Shorts must come down to the top of the knee and sleeveless shirts may not be worn in the school buildings or at school functions.

The school cannot possibly address every issue or article of clothing. The school will at times render a decision you may not agree with. The Administration will address and make final decisions on any such differences in opinion. Although we may not agree on every issue, we can agree to support decisions made by the Administration. If in doubt, please call the school office.

These established polices are directed at providing guidelines to foster a learning environment for the students. They are never directed at any one culture, person or ethnic group.

I have thoroughly read and understand the uniform guidelines and am ready to order.

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