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​April 16: Testing Week Grades 3, 6, 9 11th, and   ALL "Opportunity Scholarship" Students Grades 3 and up

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Warriors Athletic Department (WAD)

Student Althlete Expectations

To help our athletic program to be "distinctive" and honor God, the following list of student expectations has been compiled for the WAD athlete.

Commit to the priorities and philosophy of WAD. This includes an understanding of the fact that we are first and foremost seeking to honor God and grow closer to him through the endeavors of the program.

Student Responsibilities

a. To yourself - Remember that your body and your abilities are gifts from God and, therefore your should give your best in practice and competition for His glory. You should strive to grow in your walk with God through the development of Christian character. Be open to what God can teach you and how you can become more conformed to His image through WAD Embrace the experiences of winning and losing as opportunities to grow in Godliness.         

b. To your school - Remember that you represent Living Water Christian School. Many people, both inside and outside WAD will form opinions about the overall school program based upon what they see in you. The student body, our community, and other communities judge our school by your conduct and attitudes both on and off the field of play. In striving to make WAD "distinctive" the students in our athletic program must constantly display this distinctiveness in winning and losing and in and out of competition.         

c. To others - As a member of WAD, you also bear a responsibility to your family. Never give your parents anything to be ashamed of. Also, remember that your teammates are relying upon you to practice hard and be prepared for competition. From there, you should play to the best of your ability and thereby support and respect your teammates. Likewise, never forget that younger students in the school are watching you, and they will copy you in many ways. Set a good example by behaving in a way that constantly points them to God.         

d. To Christ - Finally, and most importantly, you have your greatest responsibility to the Lord Jesus Christ. Colossians 3:23 says it best, "Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord and not men."



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